Facebook Quizzes

Of the many funny characters listed on “How to Suck at Facebook” this is probably the one that annoys me the most… I see absolutely no point in this behavior, and it just astounds me that otherwise intelligent people will spend SO MUCH time on Facebook going through this process over and over again, and then take such glee in the result.

Here they are… The Facebook Quiz Takers:

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve taken some personality quizzes in my life, but they were almost always in a professional setting. The Myers-Briggs test, for instance… But even in the workplace, some of those quizzes just drive me crazy.

So I’m a “crane” and you’re a “toad” and that’s supposed to tell me how we should interact in the office? How the hell am I supposed to remember what we are, much less the complex matrix of suggested behaviors between types?

It’s like people who say “I’m a Taurus, and you’re a Libra, so that means that we get along, but only on Thursdays.” Or something like that. What the HELL?!

How ’bout you stick with your name, and you identify yourself further by your thoughts, words, and actions?

2 Responses to Facebook Quizzes

  1. Bob says:

    AMEN to that!

  2. William Lepsch says:


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