Facebook Filters

I’ve shared several beloved characters from “How to Suck at Facebook” here on GatorUptown.com, but this is one of the few that I have a little bit of sympathy for. I suspect most of us have fallen prey to this embarrassing behavior, especially on evenings when we may have had too much to drink and too little sleep.

Here they are… the Filterless:

Now for the record, I’m normally pretty good about avoiding this one. I know that there are some members of my family, and some coworkers, that are friends with me on Facebook… And in general, I try to maintain a rule of not posting something online that I wouldn’t say in front of my mother and my boss.

But still, I can think of one or two (or five) times in which I’ve had to hastily remove a Facebook status update, or a post on someone’s page, when good sense (and sobriety) has returned to me.

C’mon, spill it: Got any great stories of times in which you’ve posted something in a fit of filterless Facebooking? Reply below.

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