Facebook Marketing

For the love of God, please let this particular character from “How to Suck at Facebook” avoid me at all costs. One of the more irritating ones, this person puts you in the annoying position of continuously responding to their unwanted outreach.

I bring you, the Desperate Marketer:

Seriously, how many times have you gotten an invitation to be a “fan” of something, and you have NO FREAKIN’ CLUE what the hell it is? It’s usually some obscure business or cause that people are shamelessly spamming their entire friend list with invitations to becoming fans of, for no discernible reason.

I do NOT want to be a “fan” of some business I’ve never visited, some celebrity or performer that I’ve never heard of, or some cause that has no connection with my life. Leave me the hell alone.

It’s a shame there isn’t a global setting that just blocks all “fan” suggestions altogether… Or is there? Someone save me from this pestilence in the future, and I will totally become a “fan” of yours.


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