Gun control

My father tends to have very conservative views, politically speaking. In fact, on most political subjects he and I are worlds apart in our opinions, and we’re both very much aware of it. Fortunately we have few disputes over it, as neither of us try to sway the other.

He sure does love sending me right-wing emails, though. Fortunately, they’re often pretty damned funny, like one today he sent me about gun control.

I’ve written on the topic of gun control a few times here on, and have a fairly straightforward view of the subject: I think that owning weapons to defend yourself and your family is a Constitutionally-protected right, but I agree with the idea that gun ownership should be as safe as possible and well regulated.

I used to go to the gun range years ago, and enjoyed shooting. I was on the rifle team in my high school Army ROTC (don’t laugh) and had fun with it, even if I wasn’t necessarily very good. And of course, I’m a big fan of weapons on the Xbox.

All joking aside, I absolutely think that adults who can safely and responsibly handle firearms should be free to keep weapons in their home, as long as they aren’t threatening other people with them or getting hammered and shooting up the neighborhood.

So in this case, I laughed out loud at the photo in my dad’s most recent email:

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