Good news and bad news

After spending a single day in New York City for work (more on that later), I arrived at the LaGuardia Int’l Airport to discover a variety of developments related to me getting home to Charlotte.

Bad news:
My return flight from New York City to Charlotte has been delayed by at least an hour and a half.

Worse news:
it was already a late flight to begin with, not originally scheduled to leave until 9:30pm.

Heartbreaking news:
I arrived at LaGuardia at 7:30pm, the exact time that the flight BEFORE mine was scheduled to leave. And you’ve got to be on the plane 15 minutes before departure.

Good news:
The 7:30 flight is delayed — I have just enough time, if I hurry, to get to the gate before they start boarding.

Great news:
There is ONE SEAT available, and I’m able to get it.

Bad news:
It’s one of those you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me tiny regional jets, with two cramped seats on each side of the aisle.

Worse news:
There’s a good ol’ boy Southerner, who almost certainly played football in high school and worked out a LOT during his time in the Marines, who is taking his allocated seat space and a good portion of mine as well. As I write this on the plane, I’m practically clinging to the window in an effort to retain SOME “personal space.”

Taunting news:
There’s a woman two rows in front of me who has an iPad, the new techno-geek must-have gadget that I’ve so far managed to AVOID purchasing for myself.

Even more taunting news:
She clearly knows the power of the iPad to make other passengers drool. She’s holding it up much higher than she needs to, presumably to make sure everyone knows that she has a gift from the Apple gods AND WE DO NOT.

I hate her a little right now.

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