Out & Equal training

As I write this, I’m currently in the air after spending exactly 25 hours on the ground in New York City. In my very brief visit, I saw absolutely NOT ONE of my NYC peeps or favorite places.

I did, however, have an absolutely wonderful trip. This, despite the fact that it was entirely a work-related visit.

I’d flown up to the Big Apple for a one-day “train the trainer” session conducted by Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, a non-profit organization that helps organizations strive for equality in the workplace for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) training.

And that’s ALL that I did on this visit. Airport to hotel to training to airport. No visits with friends, no brunch at Arte Café, not even a bite to eat at Joshua Tree or a drink at House of Brews.

New York friends (and Charlotte/Florida friends) probably just spit out whatever they were drinking, and/or starting choking on whatever they were eating. This kind of isolation in NYC is VERY uncharacteristic behavior for me.

Still though, the training itself was absolutely worth the trip up and back. The material itself was great – I learned a lot about issues impacting LGBT equality in the workplace, and learning more about how to effectively develop and deliver a presentation tailored to a specific audience. Kudos to the Out & Equal staff.

Just as valuable (if not more) was the chance to meet the two instructors, both of whom I’d interacted with by phone and email a few times over the past two years. They were very engaging, and had great insights to share about helping to improve the workplace environment.

All in all, two thumbs up. I’m looking forward to settling in back in Charlotte, getting my hands on the presentation materials, and adapting them to meet our specific needs at my company.

And of course, I’m already scheming about when I can get back up to NYC and have a “make up” trip to see everyone. Coincidentally, I didn’t have any plans for 4th of July weekend…

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