iPad Resistance

Today is the day… the iPad 3G is officially available. And despite being a self-proclaimed Apple whore, despite drooling intently over the few iPads I’ve seen out in public use, and despite having a credit card just BEGGING to be used, I’m not going to be picking one up.


Truth is, I already BOUGHT an iPad. (Yeah, remember several weeks ago when I was debating buying one? Turns out I got one — but turned right around and sold it on eBay, opened, and made a nice lil’ profit.) I had decided that it would be silly of me to buy one of THOSE models, without 3G capability, so I’d wait and decide later about the 3G version.

Later is here, and I’m confident that I will be resisting the urge for a good long while. I love my MacBook for computer use at home (and for taking with me when traveling for more than an overnight visit) and my iPhone for daily mobile use. So for now, I’m going to save my pennies and wait on the iPad for awhile.

Besides, apparently there’s a new iPhone model coming out that will be the next must-have item…

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