5 Year Work Anniversary

May 4th, 2005… A day that will live in infamy. The first day that I started work with my employer, and reentered the workforce after finishing my Master’s degree. After five jobs, four managers, and dozens of wonderful new working relationships, I’m still here, and happy to be so.

And now they’ve given me this lovely desk plaque to recognize my five years:

Here’s hopin’ I make it to 10!

2 Responses to 5 Year Work Anniversary

  1. aseh says:

    Congrats on your 5 year and receiving your corner stone :). Seven managers and 3 jobs later I just celebrated my 9th on May 1st and hope to make it to 10 too 🙂

    Miss you

  2. Aunt Sue says:

    I`m so proud of you !
    Your life is working out great.
    I could hope my Bubba`s life
    would have turned out as good.
    Love you.

    Aunt Sue

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