Blog neglect

Four days in a row with no posting… My subscribers must’ve thought something had gone wrong with the feed, or that some tragic fate had befallen me.

Rest assured, everything is fine. I’m just a truant blogger, that’s all.

What’s encouraging is the number of readers that have actually sent me topics to write about! Knowing the sorts of things that get me good ‘n riled up, a few people have taken to sending me links to news articles guaranteed to send me into a blogging frenzy.

I’ve read them all, and bookmarked a few to consider writing about. I just haven’t taken the time to sit down to write lately.

Believe it or not, my folder of bookmarks (with topics that catch my attention and might prove worthy of a rant) is bursting. In fact, I’ve ended up deleting many of them, and some drafts that I had started but not finished, because they ended up being way too “stale” to be noteworthy anymore.

Others I’ve saved anyway, waiting for some new development in the story to break. After all, a sudden twist makes it a fresh story, right?

Anyway, all is well. Stay tuned for updates about the Mustang’s fate, an upcoming cruise to the Bahamas, Harry Potter (really), and a bunch of douchebags that have been making the news lately.

In short: I’m BACK! Your email box and Facebook feed are about to get cluttered again.

One Response to Blog neglect

  1. Christina says:

    You forgot to add Google Reader subscribers too! 🙂

    I have you everywhere! Miss you!

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