Creative Loafing’s Charlotte Theater Awards

In the upcoming issue of Creative Loafing in Charlotte, theatre critic Perry Tannenbaum is announcing his nominations for the Charlotte Theater Awards, which apparently has been a tradition since 1987. In a newish twist for 2010, however, a Mr. Salvador Garcia is being nominated for three CTAs.

As you might imagine, I’m a touch proud. Not just of Sal, though; quite a few very talented Charlotte actors are being recognized.

Naturally I did a quick search for Sal and found his nominations first. They are:

Salvador Garcia — Living Out (Bobby), Dangerous (Marcus)

Salvador Garcia — The Full Monty (Buddy “Keno” Walsh)

Salvador Garcia — Living Out (Bobby), Dangerous (Marcus), The Full Monty (Buddy “Keno” Walsh), West Side Story (Bernardo)

I’m not about to go and quote all of the other talented folks whose nominations I’m excited about… Both because I’m lazy, and because I’m terrified of missing one and then feeling like a prick for excluding someone. So instead, I’ll be selfish and just list Sal’s here.

For the rest, you should read the full article.

Congratulations, nominees!

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