Brixx vs. Facebook

Brixx, a pizza restaurant in Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and soon to be Virginia, has hit the national news. An article on recounts the story recently told in the Charlotte Observer’s website, in which a Charlotte server was fired after posting an angry Facebook status update about stingy customers.

I feel sorry for the young lady, especially considering she waited on a table for three hours and got a lousy five dollar tip out of it. I remember being a bartender and being so disheartened by people who ran me ragged for hours and then didn’t leave me a tip… and servers have it much worse than bartenders in that regard.

But on the other hand… It’s just never a good idea to talk smack about your job in a public, published forum. And just because your page is friends-only does NOT mean that it won’t get back to your employer anyway, as 22 year-old Ashley Johnson found in the Brixx situation mentioned in the Charlotte Observer article and the Huffington Post reference. (I’ve championed the “keep your page friends-only” caution before, but this shows that even that precaution isn’t sufficient!)

In fact, this all goes to prove a basic rule that I’ve made a few times on don’t post something online that you wouldn’t say in front of your mother and your boss. Period.

Having said that, I definitely relate to how Ms. Johnson must’ve felt while writing her status update. Dealing with the public can be tiresome and frustrating, and I hope she has a better experience in her next job. (And that she is more discrete with what she posts online!)

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