iPhone OS 4.0

This is hardly breaking news — I’ve had the link bookmarked in my “stuff to blog about” folder for six or seven weeks now — but I just haven’t gotten around to writing about the new operating system for the iPhone. It occurred to me today, though, that the release is coming up very quickly, so I need to get this published while it might still be relevant.

Stolen shamelessly from the folks at Gizmodo.com, here is a list of author John Herrman’s favorite new features of iPhone OS 4.0:

  • Multitasking (e.g. running an application in the background while opening up a different one
  • Fast app switching (apps will remember exactly where you were when you switched out, and will return to that place instead of making you start from scratch)
  • Local notifications (getting an alert when something important happens in an application, even if you’re working in a different one. I picture this being like txt msg alerts)
  • App folders (something Blackberry has had for awhile now, so it’s about time)
  • A new Mail app (one of the more exciting updates!)
  • iBooks (taking advantage of the giant iBook inventory built for the iPad)
  • Custom backgrounds (not a big deal to me, but huge for many people)
  • Game Center (ability to play against other iPhone users, like Xbox Live for the iPhone)
  • 5x digital zoom (hell yes!)
  • Bluetooth keyboards (as opposed to just using a real computer?)

I could cut-and-paste details about each, but instead, I’ll just say that you should read the full entry if you’re interested. Some of these are really exciting to me, whereas others elicited little more than a shrug. But from what I’m reading in newer postings, there are more features for me to hurry up and blog about soon, so stay tuned!

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