Dale Peterson for Agriculture Commission

I’ve seen this posted to a few friends’ Facebook pages, and it has become just too much to resist. A man can only hold out so long, y’know? So here, ladies and gentlemen, is an intriguing video on YouTube for a man named Dale Peterson. He’s running for the Alabama Agriculture Commission. Check it out:

I seriously can’t stop watching this video. Just in case you’re not able to watch it yourself, here’s a transcription:

I’m Dale Peterson and I’m after the Republic nomination for Alabama Agriculture Commission. I’ve been a farmer, a business man, a cop, a marine during vietnam, so listen up.

Alabama Ag Commissioner is one of the most powerful positions in Alabama, responsible for $5 billion. Bet you didn’t know that. You know why? Thugs and criminals! if they can keep you in the dark, they can do whatever they want with all that money. And they don’t get a rip about Alabama.

Here we are, losing three family farms a day, illegals bussed in by the thousands, and Alabama’s unemployment’s at an all-time high. And what are my opponents doing about it? Stealing yard signs in the dark o’ night from my supporters. Norman Grace brags on his Facebook page about receiving contributions from industries he would regulate. Bragging about receiving illegal money on Facebook — who on Earth would support such a dummy? And WHY?

We’re Republicans; we should be better than that. I’m Dale Peterson. I’ll name names and take no prisoners. Give me the Republican nomination for Ag Commission and let’s show Alabama we mean business.

I’m not going to add my typical commentary to this. But of course, I invite YOU to do so! Leave a reply below with your thoughts, good or bad, about Mr. Peterson as a political candidate for Alabama Agriculture Commission.

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