Wizarding World of Harry Potter

In less than four weeks, I’ll be doing something incredibly out of character and, quite frankly, a bit absurd. I’ll be flying down to Orlando, Florida (common for me) and going to several touristy theme parks. What prompted this adventure?

The opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure.

Despite having grown up in Cocoa Beach, less than an hour from Orlando and the ton of theme parks to choose from, I’ve never been a big theme park person. Something about all the tourists, the crowds, the overpriced food and drinks… It just wasn’t my thing.

But I am an admitted fan of the Harry Potter books and movies, despite being too old for it and blah, blah, blah. And since we were already going to be down there visiting right around the opening day, we figured we might as well check it out.

It’s going to be insanely busy, and full of screaming children, and the lines will probably be unimaginable. But hey, you’re talking to the guy who stood in line for hours to get the first-generation iPhone on the day of its release (and then again the day the second-generation iPhone came out.)

I’ve become that guy, the one that wants first-day bragging rights. What happened to the cynical bastard who used to refuse to get off the couch for anything?

2 Responses to Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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