iPhone Custom Dictionary and other Marvels

I recently posted a ridiculously overdue account of new features in iPhone OS 4.0, based on information published well over a month ago. Well now, there’s lots more information that has been published about exciting new features.

Including one from my personal wish list: a CUSTOM DICTIONARY for the iPhone.

According to the “inside scoop” at Gizmodo.com, the long-awaited feature is finally coming. I’ve been lamenting about the lack of a custom dictionary, or the ability to “learn spelling” when spellcheck doesn’t like something you type on the iPhone, for years now. Hooray for finally having this standard feature from MacBooks!

Here’s a screen shot:

There are other nifty new features that recent iPhone OS 4 beta releases are showing software developers who are testing out the new software… Changes to the default home screen (including putting built-in utilities like clock, calculator, compass, etc. in a Utilities folder), new default wallpapers, and the ability to “lock” your orientation so it doesn’t rotate when you’re viewing it from an angle (like when laying down) are all coming soon to an iPhone near you.

And tethering, which means if you’re willing to shell out even more money, you can plug your iPhone into your computer and run your desktop or laptop’s Internet connection through the iPhone’s AT&T Wireless service. This is something many people have been waiting for forever, though it doesn’t seem like a big deal for me (especially since AT&T charges $60 a month for tethering on the Blackberry, and isn’t likely to charge significantly less for iPhone tethering.)

But none of that compares to my joy at the custom dictionary. I’m a dork like that.

2 Responses to iPhone Custom Dictionary and other Marvels

  1. Anthony says:

    I had windows mobile phones that could do this 10 years ago 😛

  2. […] beloved Custom Dictionary, which I have blogged eagerly about in advance, is a little hard to find. To enable it, you’ve got to open up General settings, then […]

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