Recipe for a Weekend Getaway

One of the benefits of working for a big bank is that you get a lot of holidays off, so I tend to do long weekend getaways a few times a year. Friday night was the beginning of a trip to Austin, Texas, and it should serve as a textbook example of what a great getaway weekend should include.

Granted, it didn’t start off so well. We barely made it to the airport in time (long story, involving vehicles breaking down and frantic rescue attempts), then rushed to our gate, boarded just in the nick of time, and then sat on the plane for more than an hour before taking off. Ugh.

From then on out, it was golden.

A friend picked us up at the airport, we checked in at our hotel, and then spent HOURS sitting around at a place called Spider House. It’s a combination of coffee shop, bar, and outdoor music venue.

It was bliss. Sitting there with friends from New York and Texas, most of whom I hadn’t seen since our last visit to Austin two years prior (also Memorial Day weekend, by coincidence) was a wonderful way to start the weekend. And as always, lots of new friends to meet.

Not long after last call, we moved around the corner to a restaurant called Kerbey Lane. As soon as we sat down, I realized we had been to this very restaurant – and indeed, had sat at this same table – on our last visit two years prior. The food was good, but the real goal was to sober up while carrying on the random conversations from Spider House.

So to recap the first few hours on the ground in Austin: reunited with old friends, introduced to new friends, good food, good drinks, chill places to hang out.



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