Mother Convicted For Hijacking Son’s Facebook Page

Heads up, Facebook hackers: logging in to someone else’s Facebook page and posting as if you were the rightful owner could land you in some pretty hot water. A mother in Arkansas found this out the hard way, as she was convicted of misdemeanor harassment after impersonating her teenage son on his Facebook page.

For mother (and now convicted criminal) Denise New, it all started when her relationship with her 17-year-old son Lane New turned rocky, and they had a series of arguments leading to her demanding that he return to key to her home. In retaliation, she locked him out of the house and refused to let him get his belongings, including his computer.

Lane had left himself logged in to his Facebook page, so she hopped on and posted a status update: “Check this out – I went to my mom’s and deliberately started an argument and called the police on her. She almost went to jail. How cool is that? Ha, ha, ha.” Spiteful, but kinda funny (in a “that’s not cool, but I still laughed” sort of way.)

Denise also posted another message, allegedly not realizing she was on his page instead of hers, saying, “The only mistake I ever made was having a kid.” Ouch… She also left vulgar messages on his voicemail and in other Facebook posts, just to secure her credentials for Mother of the Year.

Clark County District Judge Randy Hill has ordered Denise to pay a $435 fine and to attend classes in parenting and anger management. Who knows – maybe mother and son will be able to repair their strained relationship after it’s all over.

And maybe Lane will stop leaving himself logged in to websites! 😛

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