Sarah Silverman vs. FOX News

Sarah Silverman, the outspoken comedienne known for speaking her mind in profane and in-your-face ways, has a new target: the FOX News network. She’s lashed out against the network in her recent book, “The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee.” And this week, FOX News has responded in kind.

It’s a full-on pissin’ match, y’all.

From Ms. Silverman:

The entire Fox News Channel is a 24-hour-a-day racism engine, but it’s all coded, all implied. Lou Dobbs used to scream on CNN about ‘immigration,’ not ‘filthy Mexicans.’

FOX News responded this week:

Sarah’s anger is understandable having recently lost her television show. We sympathize with her need for attention considering her book is languishing near 300 on


Of course, it’s not JUST the folks at FOX News that Sarah Silverman has beef with. She takes issue with the “right-wing” in general:

Right-wing Americans who appear in mainstream media are not out there calling black people ‘n*ggers,’ or saying, ‘The Klan has good ideas.’ Instead, they’re questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency by accusing him of being born in Africa or of being a Muslim. Or they’re having tea parties and calling Obama a ‘communist’ and a ‘Nazi.’

Click below to hear Ms. Silverman in her own words:

All I’m sayin’ is, if I ever piss Sarah Silverman off, I hope she’ll give me a call and let me apologize.

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