Countdown to Harry Potter!

I confessed awhile back that I had planned a trip to Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure to see the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter exhibit… But as the day approaches, I find myself getting downright giddy at the prospect. Later this week, I’ll be there!

I’m a grown damned man, and here I am counting the days. This is decidedly un-banker-like behavior.

I don’t care, though — I’m looking forward to it. And apparently, despite this coming Thursday being the official launch date, they’ve had a “soft launch” for a bit already. I’ve already heard from people that have been there and their reviews are enticing me.

As is a recent article in the New York Times entitled, “Muggles Take Flight at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.” From the article by Neil Genzlinger:

DID my homework before being dispatched to check out the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction at the Universal Orlando Resort. Knew I’d be drinking some butterbeer. Knew I’d be talked at by paintings and have my mind blown by a high-tech ride. Did not, however, know that I’d be nearly trampled to death by a mob of post-Potter depressives.

The article brings up some great points… I’m less motivated by the signature roller coaster than by the details in the rest of the exhibit. Bring on the butterbeer and the pumpkin juice!

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