Foursquare badges

I know, I know, I’ve already blogged about the Foursquare application for iPhones, Blackberrys, Androids, etc. But there’s another aspect to Foursquare that I haven’t talked about, beyond the points and the Mayor titles and the stores wooing people with free stuff.

Badges, ladies and gentlemen. BADGES.

Yes, after meeting certain check-in pattern criteria, such as the number of times you’ve logged in at a particular kind of business, or the number of places you’ve logged in on a single night, you are awarded a badge to recognize your achievement.

It sounds ridiculous, I know… But because you don’t know ahead of time what you can earn badge for, each time you receive one it comes as a surprise. And it’s oddly rewarding, suddenly getting a badge and finding yourself asking, “Ooo, what’s that for?” and reading up on it.

Despite the pleasant surprise aspect of it, I’m going to spoil a few for you. Here are a couple of the more entertaining badges that I’ve been awarded in my illustrious Foursquare career:

Superstar - You've checked into 50 different venues!

Crunked - That's 4+ stops in one night for you!

Local - You've been at the same place 3x in one week!

Don't Stop Believin' - That's 3 karaoke field trips in a month! Treat yourself by slaying a lil' Bon Jovi.

JetSetter - Hopping around the world one airport at a time... congrats on your 5th airport checkin and safe travels!

Yes, I realize how silly all of this is. And yes, I concede that it’s clearly a miracle that I have a boyfriend.

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  1. andy says:

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    keep up the hard work getting badges

  2. […] I’ve mentioned my senseless obsession with Foursquare and its “badges” for location-based accomplishments a couple of times… But I got a new one recently that made […]

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