Christians: When It Comes to Homosexuality, Man Up

Last month I shared an article by author John Shore entitled, “Ten Ways Christians Tend to Fail at Being Christian.” I thought it was a pretty compelling read — and now, I bring you another piece from the same author.

Here are some excepts from Mr. Shore’s blog post, “Christians: When It Comes to Homosexuality, Man Up” :

If you lie, steal, cheat, rob, have an extramarital affair, are too greedy, are too selfish, waste your family’s money, and/or do any other kind of sin you can think of, someone, in no uncertain or abstract terms, gets hurt. That rule never changes, and it has as much to do with theology or philosophy as a brick to the head has to do with architecture.

But you take the Bible out of the equation, and what grounds is there for determining that homosexuality is wrong? Who does such love hurt? When two men are affectionately holding hands, who is getting hurt? When two women are snuggling together on their couch watching TV, who is being hurt?

…I’m a Christian, and no two ways about it. But I can’t be a Christian so severely lacking in logical powers that I don’t notice the difference between homosexuality and all the other kinds of sins anyone’s always doing. The latter hurts people; the former doesn’t. They’re that far apart.

Get ’em, John Shore!

Most of the other religious teachings against unacceptable behavior have some basis in reason… But some of the holdovers just plain DON’T. For example, Biblical teachings against wearing clothing made of multiple fibers, eating shellfish, planting two different kinds of seeds in one field, etc. (See my entry “God Hates Shrimp” for a fuller discussion.)

The prohibitions against homosexuality fall into that same category. From Mr. Shore’s article:

Virtually all other behaviors Christians typically considered sinful can be readily understood as objectively and clearly wrong without any reference to the Bible. But you take the Bible out of a Christian’s hands, and he has no arrow left to shoot at the gay man or lesbian. He’s without recourse, justification, argument. Without his Bible to quote from, he has virtually nothing upon which to base his claim that homosexuality is wrong.

Well said, sir, and thank you.

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