iPhone 4, at last!

As luck would have it, the release of the iPhone 4 smartphone by Apple coincided with me being on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, followed by a weekend in Florida 500 miles from home. So I was expecting to have to wait for my pre-ordered new iPhone… the fact that it arrived to my home a day early was just adding insult to injury.

But I’m home now, and my new iPhone was here waiting patiently for me. And I’ve had some time this afternoon to put it through a few test runs. Early observations:

  • LOVE the look and feel. You would think that the metallic feel of it and the blocky design would seem less fancy, more function-over-form, but to me it actually looks cool. I’ll admit, the photos had me skeptical, but holding it in my hand, I’m a convert.
  • Though I’ve heard all about reception problems when holding it by the metal ring around the phone (and particularly when gripping the lower left-hand corner?) I haven’t noticed any problems at all. I wrapped both hands around the entire phone and had full bars… Though that could be a function of having good signal here anyway.
  • Multitasking is pretty awesome, though I got a chance to test-drive this on my iPhone 3GS over the weekend. Same with folders, which was less of a thrill since it was just catching up to something my work Blackberry could do anyway. (Naturally, the new operating system came out the day I left on the cruise, so even those features had to wait until I returned!)
  • The camera is pretty bangin’ — zoom, front-facing camera, flash, etc. Haven’t tried FaceTime yet… I suppose I’ll get around to it, but I’ve gotta try it with friends who ALSO have the iPhone 4. If you’re one of them, hit me up and we’ll try it out!
  • My beloved Custom Dictionary, which I have blogged eagerly about in advance, is a little hard to find. To enable it, you’ve got to open up General settings, then Keyboard, then International Keyboard, then add a foreign keyboard. Once you go back to the Keyboard settings, you’ll see “Edit User Dictionary” and you can add new words in there. (I’m told not all of them work — I used Chinese – Simplified – Pinyin at the suggestion of another blogger’s review, and that worked) Note that this does NOT give you access to the iPhone’s internal dictionary, doesn’t let you remove words that the iPhone has picked up from your frequent usage, etc… Just a way of adding new words separately.
  • This whole “yellow line” problem that I’ve read about wasn’t an issue for me at all. I read somewhere that there’s some kind of liquid used in the creation of the iPhone 4, and that in a few cases it didn’t fully evaporate or something like that… so if you’re dealing with a yellow discoloration on your screen, you’re supposed to give it a few days before you panic. Or something. -shrug- I didn’t have to deal with this, so I’m happy.

All in all, after a few hours of absent-mindedly playing with my new iPhone, I’m happy with it. And I’m VERY glad that I pre-ordered when I did, so I got it right away and don’t have to wait all day in line or be delayed for a few weeks.

Thumbs tentatively up, for now!

2 Responses to iPhone 4, at last!

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