New York City and Badges!

Despite being monumentally broke after two weekends in Orlando theme parks and a five-day cruise to the Bahamas, on Friday night we flew up to New York City to enjoy the Independence Day weekend. The flights were cheap, and paid for awhile back, and we’re housesitting for a friend which means we don’t have to pay for a hotel… so, hard to resist!

And I had a surprise waiting for me when I arrived at LaGuardia International Airport.

Yes, I powered up my iPhone, “checked in” on Foursquare, and was greeting with a new badge! I’ve mentioned before how something as silly as a Foursquare badge always makes me happy. Well, here’s my latest:

50+ people are also checked-in here - it's a Foursquare flashmob!

The amusing part, for me, is that this “swarm” tends to represent our usual trips to New York City… Not that there are always tons of Foursquare users around, but that we tend to be SURROUNDED by dozens of friends when we visit. This trip may be a little different.

Last night we hung out with two dear friends at dinner and then watched some Arrested Development on television (my first time!) Today we’re hangin’ with a friend, doing brunch at his place, and then going out to see a matinee (just the two of us, for a change!) And then this evening, we’re probably going to be loungy for awhile, and then go see a movie in the evening.

This is NOT the crazy swarm of activity that tends to fill up our visits in New York City. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

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