Vacation from Vacationing

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. After eleven days in Florida and the Bahamas, then four days of frantic work back in Charlotte, and then four days in New York City, I’m flat-out exhausted from all this travel.

People often say “I need to take a vacation just to recover from this vacation!” but today, I actually did so.

I had originally booked today as a vacation day with the intention of whitewater rafting all day, but this morning I couldn’t bring myself to be motivated and active. Instead, I decided to be a bum.

I laid in my own bed, wrapped up in my own sheets, with no alarm clock to drag me out from under the covers any sooner than I wanted. I caught up on some bills and other boring, mundane stuff. I played video games for awhile. I went and got a massage, followed by a smoothie. Then I came home and played some more video games.

Really, if you think about it, I had a routine Saturday — something I haven’t done in several weeks. Hooray!

Of course, all of this just sets me up nicely to have a crazy, hectic weekend coming up. But that’s okay… There are worse problems in life 🙂

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