Gay & Lesbian Adults and their Online Habits

It turns out that my few dozen subscribers (and others who read my blog through feeds and Facebook) aren’t just enamored by my Devilish wit and charming prose… Since many of my readers (in Charlotte, anyway) are lesbian or gay, I may have a bit of an advantage with them.

A new study by research firm Harris Interactive shows that gay and lesbian adults are more likely to be involved in social media (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.) and are more likely to regularly read blogs about news, business, and entertainment. HELLO, you just described in a nutshell.

The survey, conducted online between June 14th and 21st, gathered input from more than two thousand adults in the United States (with about 14% of them being gay or lesbian – oversampling, yes, but done deliberately for deeper analysis and then adjusted through population weighting, blah blah blah.)

Results from the study were a little surprising, even to me. Here are some highlights:

  • 54% of gay and lesbian respondents read some type of blog
    (compared to 40% of heterosexual respondents)
  • 36% of gay and lesbian adults read news blogs
    (compared to 25% of heterosexual respondents)
  • 25% of gay and lesbian adults also read entertainment blogs
    (compared to 16% of heterosexuals who participated)
  • 73% of gay and lesbian respondents are on Facebook
    (compared to 65% of heterosexuals in the survey)
  • 22% of gays and lesbians are on LinkedIn, which is more focused on business relationships (compared to 16% of heterosexuals surveyed)

This got me thinking… How do my email subscribers stack up in the lesbian-and-gay versus heterosexual mix?

I checked, and to the best of my knowledge, here’s the breakdown from my subscribers: 52% of email subscribers are gay or lesbian, and 48% are heterosexual. And that doesn’t account for people reading through feeds and Facebook imports.

Suddenly I’m wondering how much of my blog popularity is a “home court advantage” among gay and lesbian readers!

One Response to Gay & Lesbian Adults and their Online Habits

  1. Austin says:

    I just read it cause you pay me. Isn’t that why we’re all here?

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