iPhone app lets you deposit checks wirelessly

I should have known this was coming… But apparently there are a couple of major banking institutions that allow you to deposit checks into your account, anywhere you have a wireless signal, just by taking a photo of the check and sending it electronically to your bank.

Despite almost never getting paper checks anymore, I can’t wait to try this!

Apparently USAA has offered this functionality since last August, and I just never heard about it. (USAA, if you’ve never heard of it, is a bank that offers financial and insurance services to the military and their families.) There was a compelling reason for USAA to offers this, however: they only have one single branch, and require checks to be mailed in if you cannot show up in person in San Antonio.

But now, other major banks are jumping on the bandwagon. JPMorgan Chase updated its iPhone app earlier this month to let you take a photo of the front and back of checks, send the images electronically to the bank, and deposit the funds to your account.

Naturally I got very excited when I read an article about all of this on USA Today’s website… Until I got to the point where it mentions that my bank hasn’t yet offered the service. Apparently my bank is testing the functionality, though a launch date hasn’t been announced.

Still, something innovative to look forward to!

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