iPhone Bumpers

At today’s last-minute press conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs irritably defended the new iPhone 4 smartphone, saying the media had blown the reported reception issue all out of proportion.

But facing increasing pressure from the media, and a negative review from Consumer Reports published earlier this week, Apple has finally offered something to appease disgruntled iPhone owners: a cheap piece of rubber that surrounds the iPhone and reduces the antenna problems.

The colorful “bumpers” were originally sold as an accessory, advertised on Apple’s website as “a fun and unique way to personalize your iPhone 4.” Instead, they’re now being hailed as the solution to reception issues. They are no longer available for sale, since they will be distributed free of charge, and Apple will reimburse people who have already purchased one.

And since there’s no way that Apple can provide free bumpers to everyone, they are also offering the option of getting an iPhone case, which will cover more of the phone and still limit the effect of the antenna design flaw.

The question becomes… why the hell would I want a little plastic bumper if I could get a full case instead, offering much more protection from scratches and such?

3 Responses to iPhone Bumpers

  1. Warren says:

    I totally prefer the bumper..it’s just so much cooler looking and allows the iphone4 to retain its sleek design ;p

  2. Michael Murphy says:

    If the phone requires another accessory to function correctly, it’s a flawed design. I don’t use a case with my 3GS and I don’t want to. If I had to use one just to get it to work properly, I’d get a different phone.

  3. gatoruptown says:

    I understand your point – but for the record, even before I bought my case for my new iPhone 4, I never had any signal problems.

    But I got a case anyway before any of this publicity about signal problems went viral.

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