Gateway Village, for real this time

In a recent post I chronicled my moving around the country over the past eleven years (and you don’t know how old that makes me feel, saying it that way) as I found homes in Central Florida, Las Cruces NM, and now Charlotte. What I didn’t account for is my variety of workspace moves, right here in Charlotte.

And after more than a year of stability, I’m about to move again.

I started my Charlotte career in Gateway Village, which was a relatively new professional office complex when I moved here over five years ago. I’ll skip five years of narrative by saying I worked from Gateway Village for a month, did six months in Tampa, a year in the IJL building, 9 months back in Gateway Village, a year and a half in the BB&T building, two months in Ballantyne, and then moved BACK to my old floor in the BB&T building. I even, for a brief time, thought I’d be relocating to Gateway Village with my new job last year.

Except I never left BB&T. 14 months later, I’m still there, though I guess I’ve officially given up the “squatting” title now. You see, my boss (and his boss) were moving to that building in Gateway Village, which meant I was going to also… Until they were able to get space in the place they REALLY wanted to work.

Which was the building I had just vacated, in Ballantyne.

I swear I’m not making this up. From BB&T to Ballantyne, then back to BB&T when I got the new job (because that’s where my boss worked) and now, they’re headed down to Ballantyne. Fortunately, my new boss didn’t make me move again after two moves in rapid succession, so I’ve been in BB&T ever since.

Fast forward to two months ago… Big organizational realignment, and now the group that works in Gateway Village is actually part of the same team as me. Which means it makes a whole lot of sense for me to go sit in that facility with them, rather than being the orphan that sits by himself with no teammates in BB&T. So off I go to Gateway, sometime next month probably.

As with many things that I blog about, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’ll be nice to sit with actual teammates again, feeling part of a professional community. (Many days when I’m in the office, I won’t exchange a single face-to-face word with anyone all day.) And it’s really only a couple of trolley stops away. But on the other hand, it means that I can’t work late from the office anymore, because there won’t be a trolley to take me home, and walking 2 miles home from Gateway is a lot less appealing than the 1 mile home from BB&T.

But as my boss put it, I hardly ever work from the office anyway, so it doesn’t make THAT much of a difference, does it?

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