Housing Heartbreak

Walking the dog one morning this week, I noticed a “For Sale” sign up in front of a neighbor’s condo a few doors down from mine. Curious, I grabbed one of the informational flyers and skimmed over the details.

And I nearly fell over dead when I saw the list price. Puck (the dog) even tried to give me CPR, but he tries that most mornings.

Yes folks, if my neighbor’s list price is any indication, the home in which I live has lost ONE THIRD of its value in the almost four years that I’ve lived here.

Few things will ruin your day like realizing that you apparently bought your expensive home at the TOP of the housing market bubble.

I’m apparently not moving anywhere in the foreseeable future, unless I cave in and declare bankruptcy after all. Charlotte, I hope you didn’t have my going away party planned just yet. :-\

2 Responses to Housing Heartbreak

  1. Micki says:

    Oh, ouch, that sucks. You didn’t REALLY want to move that badly, did you? Hey, for the right price I’ll rent your condo from you-I love your space!

  2. […] summer I posted about the heartbreaking discovery of a condo a few doors down from mine that was selling for about 2/3 what I paid for mine not five years ago… I had hoped that it was a fluke, but apparently it wasn’t. […]

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