Campaign Theft – Caught on Tape!

Republicans Greg Brown and Doug Broxson are competing for their party’s nomination to the Florida House of Representatives, serving District #1 in the Sunshine State. The rivalry between the two has been heating up – so much so that campaign signs were being stolen in the middle of the night.

And now we have video evidence.

Jason Broxson, son of candidate Doug, put up some campaign signs for his father, aimed a hidden video camera at some of them, and hid in the bushes to watch. Dad’s opponent showed up later that night, with Mrs. Brown, and promptly took the Broxson signs away… all under the watchful eye of Jason’s video camera.

Now the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office is investigating the alleged theft.

Candidate Brown insists that he and his wife were justified in taking the signs, as they were posted on private property belonging to a supporter of theirs, who had allegedly agreed that the Brown signs would be the only ones permitted on the lot. Of course, the video clearly shows both Brown and his wife hiding from passing cars and discussing fingerprints, which sure casts doubt upon their insistence that they did nothing wrong.

Check out the video:

While I do find this VERY entertaining, it’s also more than a little sad. It’s a shame that we can’t have political candidates who clearly articulate what they believe in, what their goals are, and why you (as a voter) would be well served by having them in office. Instead, we have mud-slinging, theft, and other political shenanigans that don’t do ANYTHING to progress political discourse.

Still, it does make for good theater.

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