CRAZY iPhone 4 cases

With the media frenzy over the so-called “death grip” that causes iPhone 4 smartphones to lose signal when held in a certain way, bumpers and cases are all the rage. Apple has even offered some basic ones for free to iPhone 4 owners. But some of the cases on the market range from beautiful to hysterical to extravagant.

Huffington Post has collected a list of 19 such cases. You can check out the full list on their website, but here are a few that caught my eye:

Steve Jobs, Bejeweled

Vintage-ize Your iPhone

iPhone Hoodie

Fuzzy Monster

Cassette Tape

Playstation 2

Engraved Bamboo

The 'Black Diamond'

The last two are my favorites… So I looked them up. The bamboo one comes from a website called, and sells for $69 plain or $89 with engraved designs. They’re beautiful, but too expensive for my budget.

Speaking of budget, let’s not forget the FINAL one on the list… Produced by a company called Gresso, this beautiful custom-made iPhone is “produced from 200-year-old African Blackwood which has become a flagship of Gresso mobile phones. Ornament of the case is a branded Apple made of 18-karat gold and inlaid with magnificent black diamond rarely occurring in nature. Super-hard titanium Black PVD coating is applied in vacuum to the steel frame located along the perimeter of the case, emphasizing diamond glitter.”

Oh, and it costs $10,000. But I think that includes the iPhone 4 itself, so that’s not so bad, right?

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