Proposition 8 Logic

I know I write a lot about the debate over same-sex marriage, particularly regarding the legal proceedings around Proposition 8 in California… But I can’t help myself. The logic behind Proposition 8 goes something like this: if gay couples get married, this will “undermine heterosexual marriages by causing more children to be born into households not headed by a married mother and father.”

I still don’t understand exactly what a same-sex couple being married (or not) has to do with children being born.

Seriously, I understand the whole “sanctity of marriage” argument. You’re saying that you believe that marriage is a religious activity, sanctioned by God as a holy act. And you think that gays and lesbians are defying God by being in love with (and having sex with) one another. Therefore, you think they shouldn’t be allowed to marry one another. (And that Britney Spears should be allowed to marry for 55 hours, but that’s another topic.) I don’t AGREE with it, but I can at least understand the point they’re making.

But I can’t get past the whole “this is about the children!” argument. It just doesn’t make any logical sense to me, my own opinions around same-sex marriage (and religion) notwithstanding. Here’s an actual excerpt from the appeal:

“Reluctance to fundamentally redefine marriage stems not from blind allegiance to tradition but rather from an eminently reasonable concern that decisively severing marriage from its procreative purposes would harm the institution’s ability to serve these still important societal interests.”

So… If I, as a man, marry my boyfriend, that will harm the ability to marriage to support procreation? For the matter, did my mother somehow harm the institution of marriage when she was married to her husband after being too old to have more children? Do men and women who are sterile somehow harm the institution of marriage when THEY get married, since they’re incapable of producing children?

What exactly does my hypothetical same-sex marriage have to do with your opposite-sex marriage?

Opposition to same-sex marriage comes from a dislike of gays and lesbians, or a dislike of the idea of gay/lesbian sex, or a belief that God doesn’t consider gay/lesbian relationships to be holy. It is COMPLETELY a statement that weddings for gays and lesbians aren’t sacred like male/female weddings, and it stems from cultural beliefs born of religious teachings. It’s prejudice against gays and lesbians, considered justified because religious people believe that God say it was okay.

What about churches that teach that love is love, and gender isn’t a deciding factor in the sanctity of marriage? Should the government step in and forbid those churches from giving a legally binding marriage to me? Why is the government interfering with the religious practices of those churches?

That’s a hypothetical question anyway. You can keep your church weddings. You can believe that your God doesn’t like me or my relationship. Your church can refuse to marry me. But there’s no reason the government shouldn’t be allowed to issue me a marriage license for my partner, and it’s absolutely none of your business.

So there.

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