Ground Zero Protesters vs. Random Black Guy

On Sunday, protesters in favor of and opposed to the proposed mosque construction in lower Manhattan, a few blocks from Ground Zero, loudly had their say for the public. And unfortunately for one African American man minding his own business, the anti-mosque protesters happened to be set up right in his path to work.

Naturally, he immediately became the focal point for everything that’s wrong with the mosque proposal. Despite not being a Muslim, and having nothing to do with the construction. In fact, the surprised fellow is a carpenter at Ground Zero itself.

Check out this video:

This guy was just walking to work… And found a crowd of ignorant asses shouting at him. One guy calls him a coward and yells at him to run away. And of course, one genius yelled, “He must have voted for Obama!” You know, because he’s black.

The man in question, whose name is Kenny, continued to protest that he’s not even a Muslim, though it shouldn’t matter if he is. He also pointed out that they don’t know anything about his beliefs, and that they should just ask someone if they want to know his/her opinion.

There are actually people in the crowd suggesting that Kenny was a plant by CNN, and others suggesting that MSNBC must be behind his appearance there. While a ridiculous notion, it also raises an interesting question: Does that mean that CNN and/or MSNBC knew that the protesters wouldn’t be able to contain themselves if confronted with a real-life black person at an anti-mosque protest, and they were using that knowledge against the protesters?

Really, guys? That’s your argument? That clearly no-one would expect you to be able to be civilized, or hold your racist beliefs in check, if an African American (Muslim or not) was placed in front of you? And you think that excuses your behavior, which fortunately for the rest of us was caught on tape?

Look, assholes: your behavior is your own choice. Nobody forced you to turn on a random guy who had nothing to do with your cause, for or against. Nobody forced you to shout racist and hateful things at an innocent man who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong skin color.

Special thanks go to Gawker for posting the original article that caught my eye.

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