Press Your Luck

Remember that old 80s game show Press Your Luck? You know, the one with the game show board full of prizes (dollar amounts, trips, etc.) but also the dreaded WHAMMY, the lil’ red and yellow animated creature that would come steal your winnings if you landed on him?

Petra’s Piano Bar is holding a real live Press Your Luck on Thursday night, and if Monday’s private dress rehearsal is any indication, this is going to be AMAZING.

Yes, it’s hosted by Sal Garcia, so I’m a bit biased and perhaps overly inclined to support it. But seriously, I’m not exaggerating when I say that my voice is a bit hoarse from shouting last night, and I’m still a touch sore from laughing hysterically. And this was just a RUN THROUGH with a few fake participants, to make sure all of the technology works and such.

It sucks that it’s on a school night, yes. For an old man like me, a Thursday evening event that starts at 9 o’clock in the evening is a little daunting. But this one will be worth it, I promise you.

Sal’s hosting will be delightful of course, ’cause he’s always a delight on stage. (Yeah, yeah, shut up.) But it was incredible watching the contestants — even FAKE contestants that are just doing a dry run with no actual winnings at stake — get so worked up during the game. With real contestants on Thursday, trying to win free bar tabs, this is going to get cutthroat real fast.

And as for the dreaded Whammy… let’s just say that while we can’t have animated amusement at this Press Your Luck, the Whammy will definitely be present. And you will be DYING for the contestants to land on a Whammy after his first appearance.

Check out the public Facebook event for Press Your Luck and come join me Thursday night. You’ll be very happy you gave up your Thursday evening for it.

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