Apple TV

On Wednesday, Apple hosted a press conference to unveil changes to their product line… Naturally, I’m going to blog about them.

There are actually a number of updates that were announced, including a new line of iPods, an update to iTunes and the iO operating system for iPhones and iPads, and changes to the iTunes store. But what caught my attention most was a revamped Apple TV.

The Apple TV product has been around since 2007, and the company has sold quite a few of them, but it never really grabbed ahold of people that way the iPod, iPhone, and iPad did. It retailed at $229, synced up with an iTunes library on your computer, and streamed your existing media on the big screen.

Yawn. I can buy a cable a lot cheaper than that, and just plug the damned laptop into my television.

The NEW Apple TV is smaller, less than half the price of the old model (retail price: $99) and does a whole hell of a lot more:

  • Rent movies, released around the same time they come out on DVD ($2.99 for standard definition, $3.99 for HDTV)
  • Rent television shows from major networks at $0.99 per episode
  • Stream movies through Netflix, just like you can on your computer, Xbox 360, or iPhone/iPad
  • Watch YouTube clips ms HD podcasts, or listen to Internet radio stations
  • Create and view slideshows from your photo library, complete with special themes and your own iTunes songs as a soundtrack
  • Control all of this through a free remote app on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad
  • And of course, in true Apple TV style, you can watch or listen to your existing iTunes media library on the big screen

All of this is exciting, particularly at the lower cost… But it’s the Netflix streaming that really won me over. I’m adding the Apple TV to my list of nifty Apple products that I’m interested in, but do not currently have the money to buy.

But when I win the lottery, or (almost as unlikely) sell off my rental properties, I’m all over this bad boy.

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