It Gets Better

The subject of untimely death is very much on my mind right now… so I’m particularly pleased to see this wonderful new project by advice columnist Dan Savage. This new YouTube channel features videos aimed at reducing the incidence of teen suicide, particularly by LGBT and questioning youth.

Check it out:

From the article that brought this to my attention:

Each video will feature a role model sharing personal experiences that illustrate that life for gays and lesbians improves beyond high school. That’s a theme that has come up in Savage’s columns and podcasts with regularity. Gay teens have written or called Savage in distress, saying they feel isolated and discriminated against by their peers — especially in rural schools. Savage has generally responded that they just need to stay strong and hopeful because when they become adults they’ll have the option of moving to more progressive communities and joining more accepting social groups.

Thanks, Dan Savage, for everything you’re doing for the community.

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  1. […] been less than a month since columnist Dan Savage created the “It Gets Better” video campaign to provide support and encouragement to young lesbian, gay, bisexual, […]

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