Andrew Shirvell vs. Chris Armstrong

The media has been dutifully covering the ongoing controversy surrounding Michigan Asst. Attorney General Andrew Shirvell and his crusade against Univ. of Michigan’s openly gay student body president Chris Armstrong.

I think it’s reprehensible that Mr. Shirvell is focused so obsessively on Mr. Armstrong, a college student who certainly doesn’t deserve the horrible things that Shirvell is writing/saying about him in public. But I begrudgingly agree that his personal views and comments are irrelevant, so long as they do not impact his ability to do his job. CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed Mr. Shirvell and had some great dialogue with him. Well worth the ten minutes to watch — check it out:

Mr. Cooper sums it up very well at the end: “No-one is questioning your right to do it, I guess we’re questioning your judgment.”

Just because he may have the First Amendment RIGHT to publicly vilify a young college student under the guise that the target is a “political figure” (come on, a University student body president is a political figure?) does not mean that he SHOULD do so.

Videotaping outside a young man’s house, calling him “Satan’s representative” and likening him to Hitler are actions beneath a grown man, and certainly beneath a grown man who is supposed to represent the state of Michigan.

One Response to Andrew Shirvell vs. Chris Armstrong

  1. Thor Perplies says:

    This case is bizarre, and I hope the student (Chris Armstrong) is OK after all of this.

    I am the MBA Association President at the University of Illinois Liautaud Graduate School of Business, and a gay man. This could be happening to me, and I want to support Chris Armstrong as much as I can.

    Thank you for writing this blog post and bringing attention to these issues.

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