Race for Mayor

Here we are, nearing the end of December in an even-numbered year, which can only mean one thing… THE RACE FOR MAYOR IS ON! No, not the mayor of your city, mind you… I’m actually talking about the race for Foursquare Mayor.

It’s a little ridiculous how obsessed I am with becoming the Mayor of various Foursquare locations.

For those not in the know, Foursquare is a location-based social networking application on many smartphones (including my iPhone) that lets you “check in” at specific locations. There are some benefits to this beyond simply telling your Foursquare “friends” where you are, so you can stay connected with loved ones… You can also “unlock” special bonuses (like the 20% off of my lunch yesterday, just for “checking in” at the restaurant) and earn badges for specific combinations of check-ins.

And of course, if you have checked in at a single location more than anyone else in the recent past, you become the “mayor” of that location on Foursquare.

To make matters worse, Foursquare is giving me tantalizing hints about how close I am to becoming mayor! Now when you check in at a location and you’re within 10 check-ins of taking the mayor title, you get an alert from Foursquare telling you how many days away you are from becoming mayor.

This very feature helped propel me towards a lofty title that no grown man should ever have… SUPER Mayor on Foursquare:

Super Mayor - A special shoutout for holding down 10 mayorships at once!

Granted, I’ve lost and gained mayorships since then… And some of the venues where I’m mayor aren’t really places I’m likely to check in to again in the near future. The fleabag motel in Cocoa, Florida where we stayed in June? Probably not going back there any time soon. The hotel lounge from the Out & Equal Workplace Summit in Los Angeles? Pretty unlikely. The Reaching Out MBA conference in Los Angeles? The event is over!

Still, there’s a certain smug victory when you steal the mayor title from someone… Like this evening, when I became the mayor of my dry cleaners.

That’s MISTER Mayor to you.

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