Rally badges

Coming to Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, DC presents some wonderful opportunities. You can make new friends, reunite with old ones, tour some wonderful historic sites, be entertained, have your thoughts provoked, and so on.

And of course, there are a ton of Foursquare badges to be had.
Last night I managed to acquire four new Foursquare badges by the end of the evening. Goodness.

First, I had to check in at the rally, even though technically it didn’t start for several hours and I was, in fact, at a bar. But still, I was there in spirit!

You've joined Jon Stewart to bring America back to reasonableness. You're probably not the badge-wearing type, but we figured this little electronic one was pretty discreet.

Naturally, I wasn’t the only person checked in at the rally in the wee hours of the night prior to the event itself. In fact, it seems there were QUITE A FEW people that had the same idea.

50 person foursquare swarms are soooo 2009. We upped it to 250 for the Super Swarm and you still nailed it. Well played!

And apparently there’s a special badge for getting a swarm on Halloween weekend?

You have forged a community to protect yourself from the dark ghouls trolling the overworld to steal your soul. Arm yourself with this badge as an amulet to ward off these wretched demons. Or just trade it for some Skittles!

And finally, for a little balance, I had to check in at the Stephen Colbert “March to Keep Fear Alive” event as well… Which gave me this little gem:

You stood with Stephen Colbert to help beat back the forces of sanity! Wear this badge proudly and remember to always... shh! What's that? I think there's someone behind you. Run!!!

I’m looking ahead and wondering what sort of Foursquare shenanigans are in store today on the ACTUAL rally.


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