Computer temptations

Lately I’ve been getting that familiar itch to get a new computer… My work laptop recently went through its “refresh” cycle (essentially, swapping it out for a new laptop every three years) and the difference is very noticeable… which got my thinking about my 2.5-year-old MacBook.

Realizing that I had more available space on my iPhone than on my laptop’s hard drive was the final straw. Fueled by irritation at having to move more media files over to an external hard drive, and by a tantalizing 0% interest offer on a credit card, I made a rash decision today and bought a new computer.

And she’s a BEAUT.

Since my MacBook still works fine, and can handle my mobile needs (typically, iTunes and DVDs on a plane or in a hotel room) I didn’t necessarily need a fancy portable machine… And I’ve become enamored with the big monitor and full keyboard/mouse that I use at work… So I decided to get a desktop computer, which flies in the face of modern portability.

She’s got a faster processor than what I’m using now, twice the memory, FOUR TIMES the hard drive storage space, and it’s all built into a one-piece 27″ monitor. (Yes, it’s an iMac desktop computer.) She’s got a DVD drive and speakers built-in for media options, and a built-in iSight camera for chatting (no, perverts, not THAT kind of chatting.) And she comes with a wireless keyboard and wireless multi-touch mouse. And the whole thing actually costs LESS than I paid for my laptop.

Now, there’s one last piece that I was considering… with a desktop at home, I was considering getting an iPad for use when traveling. I could trade in my MacBook and get a store credit of around $400, which takes a big chunk out of the cost of purchasing an iPad. Ultimately though, I decided not to go that route yet. While an iPad sure is pretty, fancy, portable, and fun, one of the major reasons I take a laptop with me is to watch DVDs while on planes.

Spending a couple of hundred extra dollars to LOSE functionality, in an attempt to get something more lightweight, just didn’t make sense. At least, not right now. 😉

So that’s my story! My new computer should be here soon, and I will be lovingly blogging from a 27″ screen and a wireless keyboard. Thanks for the 0% interest rate offer, Citibank! (And thanks, Internal Revenue Service, since I’m basically spending my tax refund check in advance!)

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