George Takei vs. Clint “Douchebag” McCance

Clint McCance, the now-disgraced former Arkansas school board member, made headlines recently when he posted some horribly offensive comments about LGBT youth on his Facebook wall.

And George Takei, aka Sulu from the original Star Trek series, has filmed a public service announcement about what a douchebag Mr. McCance is. Check it out:

McCance was vexed about the October 20th “spirit day” when people were asked to wear purple in support of students who were being bullied for being LGBT. You can see and hear a sampling of his remarks in the video above, but bottom line, he said some really hateful things. He’s since apologized and resigned, but that doesn’t change the fact that his venomous rhetoric came from SOMEWHERE.

That somewhere? His inner douchebag.

Well said, Mr. Sulu. Bravo.

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