Mayoral losses

Angry masses have spoken, and the will of the people is about to be manifest… No, of course I’m not talking about political races, I’m talking about Mayors being ousted on Foursquare!

In response to angry complaints about people literally “phoning it in” to seize and hold on to the Mayor status of a Foursquare location, without even visiting the location to check in, Foursquare has put new policies in place to avoid such scenarios.

First, they’ve stopped giving points (or credit towards earning/holding Mayor seats) if it’s apparent that users are checking in to locations without being present. I learned this the hard way myself when I discovered this past weekend that my check-in at Reagan National Airport in Washington did not actually take. So of course, I clicked “Check in” again to register it, then checked in to the Charlotte airport… And I got this note:

Yes, Foursquare busted me.

They’ve also just given confirmed business owners the power to oust mayors who the business owners believe to be fraudulently checking in. A Foursquare representative had this to say:

Yesterday we gave verified business owners the ability to oust a Mayor if they have reason to believe the Mayorship was not gained through legitimate check-ins. If a Mayor is flagged by a business owner, they’ll be removed from office immediately and the next user in line will take over as Mayor.

We’re still in the very early stages of experimenting with this feature and will most likely be tweaking it based on feedback from business owners.

This may sound silly, but since some businesses are giving special discounts or free merchandise/services to the Foursquare Mayor of their location, it’s in their best interest to ensure fair play.

Damn it.

One Response to Mayoral losses

  1. Christina says:

    Wow…and this whole time I was being honest I could’ve just checked into places I wasn’t in??? I didn’t even realize that was an option. Such a noob!
    ❤ ya!

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