I don’t often pay close attention to the “Stats” here on, other than to keep an eye on the total “hit count” on most days, if the thought crosses my mind. Still, something caught my eye recently and I had to sit back in my chair and read it again, just to be sure.

There have been over 1,000 comments posted to this blog since its inception in July 2008.

I mean… holy SHIT. That’s a lot of comments. Who knew that my friends and random-stranger-readers would be so talkative?!

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised… I tend to be very expressive about my opinions, and I enjoy spending time with other people who will share their own opinions and challenge me on mine. Still, a thousand?!

Thanks for adding your $0.02 to the discussion, peeps. And with that in mind, let’s try a little experiment…

If you’re a regular reader, or at least have read more than just this entry, what was the most engaging entry that you’ve read? Not necessarily the one you LIKED the most, but the one that aroused the strongest response from you. Whether you agreed, disagreed, loved, or hated it, reply below and tell us what entry got its claws into you the most, and why.


3 Responses to Stats

  1. Jim says:

    As far as all of your posts… the most impactful one for me was Melissa England Hudgins. I loved it, hated it, was totally jealous, and just cryed my eyes out. I still have a hard time getting through it. Thank you.

  2. Jamie Clark says:

    I havent read them all but been keeping up the last couple months..The most impactful one for me was the one you wrote about Ann. As me & the family sat and read, we cryed.

  3. Dorinda Lowery says:

    When I get a chance to read these blogs, I find all of them interesting (knowing the author as well as I do), but I really did start laughing out loud at the entries in December 2009 titled “Christmas Insanity” and “Christmas Miracle”. I must admit that I share Jim’s thoughts about Melissa Hudgins and shared his tears also. Keep on writing and sharing your opinions with us all.

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