Happy foliage

Alright, normally I try not to post too much on GatorUptown.com about my relationship, because I want to be respectful of my partner’s privacy. (And I confess, I haven’t always had this restraint – it’s something I’ve learned the hard way, and I apologize for previous failings in this area.)

But this was just too priceless to pass up. Apologies in advance to my readers who are less-than-sentimental; you’re probably going to throw up in your mouth a little at this one.

Monday, I got a txt msg with this photo:

…and a follow-up txt msg saying simply, “Love you.”


Turns out that he found the leaf on the ground while walking our dog, took a picture of himself holding it up to his chest, and then made himself black-and-white in the background using an iPhone app before sending it to me.

That’s love in the 21st century, ladies and gentlemen 🙂


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