Our Groceries

We all know that it doesn’t necessarily take much to get me excited or distracted. Hell, shake your keys in front of my face and I’m practically guaranteed to lose my train of thought. But there’s an iPhone app that lets you create, edit, and seamlessly share grocery lists between people. And I am absolutely awestruck by how much this is going to ROCK my household.

It’s called “OurGroceries” and the set-up is fairly simple… You set up shopping lists, of your own choosing, and add/remove items in there at will. (I created a list for Target and for Trader Joe’s, since just about all of our grocery shopping needs come from those two places.) There’s also a separate section on the app for recipes, using the same set-up.

When you open up a specific list, you can add items in there with a simple tap of the screen. There are certain pre-filled items that are obvious options — milk, eggs, bread, bananas, chicken, etc. — but you can free-form enter whatever items you want. (I added “dog food” to my Target shopping list, and now the app remembers dog food as an option for next time.)

By default, adding it to your list just means you want one of them, but you can edit how many of a specific item you want (such as a request for a specific number of bottles of wine… which strikes me as an option I’ll be using frequently!) and even put them into a specific category (to group all frozen foods together, for instance.)

When you actually purchase something from your list, one tap on the item will cross it out and move it to the “Crossed off” section. If you cross something off and then decide not to buy the item at that time, or simply screwed up, you can tap the item again and it puts it right back in your shopping list. And at any time, one tap in a specific place will delete all items in the “Crossed off” section.

All of this is neat, of course, but the selling point for me is that you can set up a free account on their website and then share the lists between other people in your household, work team, or any other group that shops for items needed by the entire group. Even if some of the people in your household don’t have iPhones, users of Blackberrys and Android-powered devices can sync up with your list also.

But for those clever people with iPhones, you can just click here to see details about the iPhone app.

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