Alec Baldwin vs. Julian Assange (and others)

Alec Baldwin is a notorious liberal blowhard. Like many people, liberal and conservative alike, I tend to roll my eyes when he makes a big political declaration. But this time, I wanted to applaud when I read a post of his about the unfolding WikiLeaks scandal.

Posted on over the weekend, here’s what Mr. Baldwin had to say:

I hope they catch that WikiLeaks guy. I hope they catch him and prosecute him for all its worth. I hope they, legally speaking, throttle this guy within an inch of his life. If what he has done has truly compromised the safety of American intelligence and diplomatic operatives around the world, he should be punished for it. Even if you can not prove that anyone directly suffered as the result of those leaks, it’s the principle, right?

Kind of like an attempted murder charge, right?

Only one condition. You hold formal hearings on the Valerie Plame scandal. And you put that Low-Down-Gutless-Excuse-For-A-Vice-President Dick Cheney and that crypto-fascist maniac Richard Armitage on trial. Same as Julian Assange.

Cheney and Armitage. Assange goes on trial, they go on trial.

He actually makes a great point here. We’re sure hearing a lot more outrage over these diplomatic cable leaks than we did over the public “outing” of a covert intelligence officer, who just so happened to be the wife of a political foe to the last Administration.

You get ’em, Alec. And don’t worry, we’ll try not to get caught up on the whole “did he threaten to move out of the country if W was elected” thing, and instead focus on the points you’re making today. 😉


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