Humbug 2010

Surely you didn’t think we’d make it through this holiday season without a “Bah, Humbug!” post from me about giving gifts, did you? Silly you.

Yes, I’m once again continuing a long tradition of posting warnings to friends and family that I don’t plan on buying a bunch of gifts this year for Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.

I picked up a few simple gifts for my parents, ’cause I hardly ever see them and want to at least give them a small token of affection and such. Since my mom has joined the 21st century and gotten herself a Facebook account, and has started reading, I won’t say what I’ve purchased for her… but astute readers would likely smack their foreheads and say, “Of course!” based on posts I’ve made this year. (And no, it’s nothing political and not related to the Whitewater Center.)

And Dad’s gift is slightly more personal than my usual, “Here’s a bottle of bourbon” gesture, but he’s never been big on gifts or holidays. (Last year’s decorative insanity was a bizarre exception… I still maintain there may be a brain tumor involved.)

As for Sal and me, we decided to give each other the gift of theatre — so we’ve got a day of shows when we are both coincidentally in New York City next month (him for work, me visiting with friends.) We’re seeing Driving Miss Daisy (with Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones) two weeks before its limited run ends, and we’re seeing “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” after they have hopefully had time to work the kinks out, but soon enough that they won’t likely have closed yet. Merry Christmas to us!

The rest of you? Don’t expect a thing except some occasional good cheer. And no promises on when I’ll deliver that. But as per usual, c’mon over and visit with me, and I’ll mix you a cocktail and catch up.

That’s my idea of a good holiday right there.

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