Army Birther pleads guilty to disobeying orders

I’ve had my beef with the so-called “Birther” movement for awhile now — those idiots that insist that Barack Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii (or anywhere else in the United States) and thus isn’t eligible to be President, despite all evidence to the contrary. But Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin really wins grand prize for idiocy from me on this topic: the colonel refused to follow orders to deploy to Afghanistan, citing his doubts about Pres. Obama’s citizenship as justification.

And earlier this week, he pled guilty in his military court martial to a charge of disobeying orders from his superior, and was found guilty by a military jury of another related charge.

Lt. Colonel Lakin was supposed to meet with a superior and report to Fort Campbell, a military installation in Kentucky, for a second tour in Afghanistan. Instead, he went to a chapel and thought long and hard about his duty… ultimately deciding that his doubts about the president’s citizenship were more important than his duty — AS A MILITARY DOCTOR — to deploy to Afghanistan and tend to the sick and wounded men and women of the U.S. armed forces. He would gladly deploy, he said, if Mr. Obama’s original birth certificate was released and made available to the public.

For this stunningly political disregard for the well being of his fellow troops, he faces up to 3.5 years in prison and then dismissal from the Army. A military jury will decide his sentence.

The most grimly satisfying piece of all of this? Lakin won’t be allowed to challenge the president’s eligibility to be Commander-in-Chief as part of his defense. A military judge already ruled several months ago that the president’s status is irrelevant to the defendant’s decision not to follow his direct superior’s orders.

Shame on you, Lt. Col. Lakin. You put your own petty conspiracy-theory bullshit above the health and well-being of your comrades-in-arms out in a war zone… That, or you used it as a politically-charged excuse to avoid deploying back to a combat zone. I’m not sure which is worse, but I sincerely hope you get the maximum sentence under the law.

Lt. Col. Lakin

One Response to Army Birther pleads guilty to disobeying orders

  1. gatoruptown says:

    Update: sentenced to six months in military prison, then will be tossed out of the Army.

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