Gawker hacked — Is your password public record?

By now you’ve probably (hopefully) heard that the Gawker media database was hacked recently, and over one million registered users’ email addresses, user names, and passwords were uncovered. On Sunday, 188,279 of those passwords were exposed online for all the world to see. The big question that should be on your mind is: was your information in that list?

Fortunately, the folks at Slate can tell you.

Click here for Slate’s Gawker widget, where you can check to see if your username or email address were among those published online by hackers.

Done? Good. Now that you’re either in the clear, or you’ve already changed your passwords, you might be interested in some geeky facts about the passwords chosen.

From a Wall Street Journal post:

And just for maximum geekiness, here’s a look at common passwords and how frequently they were used by owners of three major email providers:

Naturally, this all makes me think about the film Spaceballs and reminds me that I need to change the combination to my luggage.

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