in 2010

Another year has passed, and with it, a whole lot of posts to There were 330 postings in the last twelve months, with as few as 15 in October and as many as 42 in March… But the real scary figure is that there were almost 17,000 “hits” (or views) of the site in 2010, right about on par with 2009.

Holy HELL, that’s a lot of instances of people reading the nonsense that I post online.

Now, some of my more geeky readers may be wondering, which individual entries seemed to capture the most attention? Fortunately, as I did last year, I will share some of the highlights.

Total Views in 2010

Busiest Month in 2010
October with 2,120 views

Busiest Day in 2010
September 8th (378 views)

Top Entries in 2010

  1. 2010 Metrolina Theatre Association nominations (798)
  2. CRAZY iPhone 4 cases (437)
  3. Sororities (364)
  4. Melissa England Hudgins (350)
  5. Westboro Baptist Church vs. Millersville University (343)
  6. Third eyelid (283)
  7. Foursquare badges (175)
  8. AT&T, Verizon raise cancellation fees for smartphones (171)
  9. Siblings (171)
  10. Gator jerky (152)

Of course, some of these aren’t even new entries in 2010, but rather are continuing to get attention due to search engines. With that in mind, here are the most common searches that sent people to in 2010:

Top Search Terms

  1. cyanide and happiness (199)
  2. crazy iphone 4 cases (148)
  3. gator uptown (115)
  4. metrolina theatre association (96)
  5. foursquare medals (88)
  6. sororities (45)
  7. westboro baptist church millersville (44)
  8. gator jerky orlando (42)
  9. cyanide and happiness comics (33)
  10. george vogel omaha (32)

Looking back, some of the more popular topics aren’t too surprising… The unexpected death of my sister prompted me to write some very personal and emotional entries, which seemed to catch the attention of many of my readers. The posting of MTA Nominations on, when the main MTA site was down, got me my single biggest day in the history of my blog. And of course, entries with a political bent (about the Westboro Baptist Church, for instance) always remain popular.

The mania surrounding iPhone cases was a surprise. And I had to shake my head and smile at the discovery that the “Sororities” comic strip remains a sought-after post, as does the one about dogs’ third eyelids. (Again, search engines keeping an old post in the spotlight.)

But really… Gator jerky is on the top ten list AGAIN this year?! That’s just sad. I clearly need to write more interesting stuff if GATOR JERKY continues to be one of the most popular entries I have posted.

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